How To Handle Bullying

Hello!  My name is Laura Rutledge, and I am the Mental Health Specialist at Martin Public Schools.

Many parents and caregivers have questions about bullying and how to respond to these situation. Bullying can be…

  • Unwanted aggressive behavior
  • Imbalance of power socially, physically or emotionally
  • Intention to hurt someone physically, emotionally, verbally or electronically
  • Repeated over time. 

It can be difficult to hear that your child has been bullied, or that your child is bullying othersIt is important to stop and listen to what your child is saying.  Here are some helpful guidelines when talking to kiddos about bullying:

  1. Listen and empathize â€“ Thank you for telling me.  It takes courage to talk about these things. You are not alone and I am here to help.
  2. Help them consider solutions â€“ What do you think you might do?  What could happen if you do that?  Is there anyone that can help you with this?  What can I do to be helpful? Are you worried about the safety of yourself or others?
  3. Follow up with them â€“ How did the situation go today?  What did you do?    

If you or your child has a concern with bulling, please contact your school principal or submit a tip on the OK2Say website: