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Superintendent/Chief Financial Officer
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K-12 Principal
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Assistant Elementary Principal

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Assistant MS/HS Principal
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Technology Site Coordinator

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Director of Athletics
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Transportation Director

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Food Service Director
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Welcome to Martin Public Schools! We are beginning the 2022/2023 school year with a little more normalcy than the beginning of last year.  We are now truly a one-to-one district.  Our Pre-K,K, first and second graders have access to iPads.  Our 3rd through 5th grades have access to Chromebooks. In middle and high school, 6th through 8th have one cart per classroom for students to use. 9th through 12th grade classes have Chromebooks assigned to them that they may take home to use 24/7.  Our teaching staff is getting continual training on Google Classroom as this is the Learning Management Platform we use every day. Starting the fall of 2022, there will be separate paperwork for parents to sign that will contain the costs of repair on the devices should one be broken while signed out to a student.  These costs are to help us to maintain our 1-to-1 initiative and to ensure that students take care of the devices when in use.
Another point of pride is that we are now embarking on our third year (2022/2023) of a wonderful journey to be a "Capturing Kids' Hearts" district.  Every single staff member has undergone training to change the way we relate to not only our students, but to each other.  Since we are all in this together, staff will work with both students and other staff to use the same signs, the same visuals, the same verbiage and the same processes to create an even more welcoming atmosphere district wide.  Capturing Kids' Hearts information is available just by clicking on the link. Part of this initiative is regarding bullying because we have asked parents and students, and you have answered and explained, that this is an area in need of improvement: we have listened and we are working to put research-based practices in place to help.  Please make sure to tell your child(ren) to report any bullying they are either on the receiving end of OR that they witness. This is not only student to student, but adult to student, student to adult, or adult to adult. We cannot help to stop something that we are not made aware of right away.  This may be reported completely anonymously to building principals! I cannot wait to see what a positive difference this will make for everyone who is part of the Clipper Team.  
Please remember that we are still following the Allegan County Health Department mandates when it comes to mitigation strategies due to COVID-19.  Masks are optional, but anyone may wear one without fear of repercussions from others as they are still recommended, especially if you come to school with ANY SYMPTOMS.  Parents need to continue to use good judgement in keeping their children home when sick and when a child shows any signs of having COVID-19, they should be tested before coming back to the classrooms.  COVID-19 is now included in the list of communicable diseases and needs to be reported to your child's building office when/if they come down with the disease. This is for not only for everyone's continued safety, it is a state health requirement.
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call the office (269-442-0500) or stop by and talk to us.  Thank you for entrusting your children to Martin Public Schools!